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Agile Global Systems Integrator CyberMAK Information Systems establishes partnership with Snow Software

CyberMAK Information Systems today announced a new partnership with Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence solutions. This partnership will empower organizations to more efficiently and effectively manage their IT ecosystem by optimizing their enterprise software program expenses, potentially saving millions.  Through this strategic partnership, CyberMAK and Snow will equip organizations with the best solutions to automate, streamline and expedite the management of software assets. With complete visibility of all the on-premises and cloud software license usage, this partnership...
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While virtualization offers many potential benefits to the organization, it also creates significant challenges for the effective management of software, licensing and compliance. Traditional licensing concerns installations and features of the physical or virtual server in which it is installed, but datacenter licensing models go beyond the actual physical or virtual machine on which the software is installed.  Virtualized licensing in the datacenter is commonly about understanding where the installations are, how they relate to the physical capabilities of the...
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As sure as there is software, there will be audits. With more than 70%* of organizations reporting one or more software vendor audit in the past year, you know the auditors will be at your door imminently, if they’re not there already. SO HOW DOES SOFTWARE ASSET MANAGEMENT HELP YOU OUTSMART THE LICENSE AUDITORS? Effective management of your software installs, usage, licenses and entitlements can not only improve your audit negotiation tactics but ensure continuous compliance. You need a single source of truth for your software estate, and complete...
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License Management and Optimization

With SAM, you have the power to make every asset pay its way, reducing risk and generating huge cost savings. Effective software license optimization starts with full discovery, so redundant software can be reclaimed and redeployed to other users. Dynamic software recognition replaces slow, error-prone processes to identify all commercially-licensable software on your network – straight out of the box. Multiple inventories are consolidated, so all your assets are in a single repository and complex rules such as upgrade and...
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Multi-Cloud Management

Right workload. Right cloud. Right costs.
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Snow Software

Snow Software is the largest dedicated developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions, designed to ensure that the hundreds of billions spent on enterprise software is money well spent – ensuring organizations have the appropriate licenses for the software they use – not too many, not too few.
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CyberMAK Information Systems recognized as the “Robotic Process Automation – Growth Partner of the Year in Telecoms” by Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere recently announced that CyberMAK Information Systems has been awarded as “Growth Partner of the Year – Telecom” as a part of their prestigious IMEA Partner Awards. CyberMAK is certified as an Automation Anywhere “Centre of Excellence” for Digital Strategy and Automation with a massive global team of RPA certified professionals. CyberMAK has deployed digital workers for numerous enterprises across diverse industries that have exponentially increased efficiencies for various business functions within organizations. Automation is key in the telecom...
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CyberMAK Information Systems signs an industry 4.0 partnership deal with METI M2M India Pvt. Ltd.

Our world today is driven by diverse technologies with data being the end-game. But with legacy and newer systems in the mix, the need to extract data from various sources, correlate them and use them to drive advantages is key. With the fourth industrial revolution and the introduction of IoT, we have transformed into a smart generation. IoT is embraced and prevalent worldwide and is a trend that has brought about tremendous savings by giving users the ability to analyze...
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CyberMAK Information Systems announces partnership with Automation Anywhere to address demands for automation globally

CyberMAK Information Systems, the global leader in digital transformation, has signed a strategic partnership with Automation Anywhere that will enable clients to fast track their business processes through automation.  The global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market size is expected to reach USD 3.97 billion by 2025, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Through this partnership, CyberMAK will empower large enterprises with an intelligent and intuitive robotic process automation platform that will liberate them from complex time-consuming tasks allowing...
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