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Agile Global Systems Integrator CyberMAK Information Systems establishes partnership with Snow Software

Posted on Sep 24, 2019 by CyberMAK

CyberMAK Information Systems today announced a new partnership with Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence solutions. This partnership will empower organizations to more efficiently and effectively manage their IT ecosystem by optimizing their enterprise software program expenses, potentially saving millions. 

Through this strategic partnership, CyberMAK and Snow will equip organizations with the best solutions to automate, streamline and expedite the management of software assets. With complete visibility of all the on-premises and cloud software license usage, this partnership will return control of rising technology costs to the customer. CyberMAK’s local implementation, integration and support expertise ensures that customers gain maximum value and benefits from investments in Snow Software.

“Organizations increasingly face significant challenges determining how their technology investments provide value to the business, and how to identify opportunities to optimize current usage and spend,” said Urban Bucht, Vice President of Partners & Alliances at Snow. “By establishing a strong partnership with CyberMAK, we can better serve our clients in the region by offering complete visibility and manageability into the entire IT ecosystem.”

CyberMAK and Snow will also work closely with organizations to maximize the value of corporate software investments by managing compliance and audit risks, as well threats posed by known software vulnerabilities. The joint efforts will ensure that discovery, process and remediation is automated. 

“By partnering with Snow, a leader in Gartner’s Software Asset Management Magic Quadrant, CyberMAK will empower organizations to proactively analyze and plan software licenses,” said Colin Miranda, CEO & President, CyberMAK Information Systems W.L.L. “CyberMAK and Snow will provide full visibility, even when customers are faced with complex and ever-changing licensing schemes, to help organizations reduce their annual software maintenance expenses by optimizing licenses and giving them a 360° audit protection.” 

About CyberMAK Information Systems

CyberMAK Information Systems established in 1997 in Kuwait is renowned for its continued success and ability to deliver value globally. Contributing to the success of over 150 customers worldwide, CyberMAK is a recognized brand across diverse industries known for its technological expertise, industrial domain knowledge, market changing innovations and customer centric work culture, which has led to successful value-driven digital transformational and digital optimization projects for our customers. CyberMAK is led by its multinational leadership teams possessing comprehensive experiences in the domains of Command and Control Dispatch Systems, Data Centre Management and Automation, Service Modelling and Capacity Planning, Work-flow and Work-load Automation, Cloud Cost Control, Security and Vulnerability Management, User Behaviour Analytics, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure and Application Performance Monitoring with End-User Experience Management among other such specialized areas of expertise.  

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About Snow Software

Snow Software is the global leader in technology intelligence solutions, ensuring the trillions spent on all forms of technology is optimized to drive maximum value. More than 4,000 organizations around the world rely on Snow’s platform to provide complete visibility, optimize usage and spend, and minimize regulatory risk. Headquartered in Stockholm, Snow has more local offices and regional support centers than any other software asset and cloud management provider, delivering unparalleled results to our customers and partners. To find out more about Snow Software, visit

CyberMAK PR Contact

Conrad D’Souza
CyberMAK Information Systems
[email protected]
+965 90939910

Snow PR Contact:

Julie Neumann
Snow Software
[email protected]
+1 615 498 9650

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