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CyberMAK Information Systems announces partnership with Automation Anywhere to address demands for automation globally

Posted on Sep 24, 2019 by CyberMAK

CyberMAK Information Systems, the global leader in digital transformation, has signed a strategic partnership with Automation Anywhere that will enable clients to fast track their business processes through automation. 

The global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market size is expected to reach USD 3.97 billion by 2025, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Through this partnership, CyberMAK will empower large enterprises with an intelligent and intuitive robotic process automation platform that will liberate them from complex time-consuming tasks allowing them to address other strategic business initiatives. CyberMAK’s local implementation, integration and support expertise ensures that customers gain maximum value and benefits from their investments in Automation Anywhere.

“It is exciting times to partner with Automation Anywhere that combines AI with ML and RPA to bring about increased workplace efficiencies, lowering operational costs, improved decision making and heightening customer experience. With Automation Anywhere being leaders in the field of digital workers and CyberMAK renowned for its service centric approach, we believe that this value-driven partnership will see great acceptance from our customers and growth of this technology globally,” said Colin Miranda, President & CEO, CyberMAK Information Systems.

Being an important aspect of digital transformation, an increasing number of enterprises are adopting the concept of digital workers that serves as a digital assistant to employees and provides automation, RPA related support. These platforms play a critical role in the flawless functioning of the business. CyberMAK ensures smooth implementation and world-class support services to help companies increase efficiency and reduce cost across operations in all business verticals. 

“Our RPA technology solutions are made to solve major enterprise issues and helps fast-tracking business processes to create higher efficiencies for an organization. We are excited to partner with CyberMAK and expand the footprint of our Intelligent Digital Transformation platform across various sectors.” said Milan Sheth, Executive Vice President, India Middle East and Africa, Automation Anywhere.

CyberMAK with Automation Anywhere will enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives through digital workers, AI, machine learning & RPA, driving long term growth and stability. 

About CyberMAK Information Systems 

CyberMAK has successfully implemented in various industrial domains across different geographies. With digital business automation, bringing AI and cognitive capabilities to enterprises, CyberMAK has helped large organizations digitally transform by reducing operational cost and increasing efficiency, all of which has a direct positive impact on customer experience and the company’s bottom-line. 

Led by multinational leadership teams with business and domain knowledge in Automation, Security, Software Asset Management, Multi-Cloud Management, AI & Machine Learning, Risk Assessment, ITSM and much more, CyberMAK has contributed to the success of their customers with 3000+ successful engagements in more than 15 countries.

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