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RPA Digital Workforce Telecom AUTOMATE TO IMPROVE GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY RPA Digital Workforce 5G is driving monumental change in the telecommunications industry. To achieve the next level of connectivity, communication service providers (CSP) must automate processes to improve operational efficiency, elevate field operations, and enhance customer experience across a multitude of offerings including voice and broadband. As competition expands from over-the-top (OTT) players and device manufacturers, telecom RPA Digital Workforceorganizations need to look at non-traditional approaches to save cost, drive revenue,...
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What is RPA?

RPA is simple—and powerful—business process automation software. Robotic Process Automation enables you with tools to create your own software robots to automate any business process. Your “bots” are configurable software set up to perform the tasks you assign and control.  RPA bots can learn. They can also be cloned. See how they are working and adjust and scale as you see fit. It’s code-free, non-disruptive, non-invasive, and easy. RPA SOFTWARE PUTS PRODUCTIVITY ON REPEAT Think of RPA as your Digital...
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CyberMAK Information Systems recognized as the “Robotic Process Automation – Growth Partner of the Year in Telecoms” by Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere recently announced that CyberMAK Information Systems has been awarded as “Growth Partner of the Year – Telecom” as a part of their prestigious IMEA Partner Awards. CyberMAK is certified as an Automation Anywhere “Centre of Excellence” for Digital Strategy and Automation with a massive global team of RPA certified professionals. CyberMAK has deployed digital workers for numerous enterprises across diverse industries that have exponentially increased efficiencies for various business functions within organizations. Automation is key in the telecom...
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The CyberMAK Formula to Success: Social Listening + Bots = The Ultimate Customer Experience

Social media is consumed with posts of people complaining about bad customer experiences, services not meeting their expectations and being letdown. The customers network and out-reach invariable become ambassadors of negative publicity for a company’s brand. Social media has given common man the power to act as a journalist and share real-time feeds of poor customer experiences. If organizations don’t act fast, it leaves them open to the dreaded trial by social media, invites competitors to exploit benefits and has...
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Customer Testimonials

I would like to appreciate your efforts which you put in to make BMC customer support application very successful use case for Ooredoo, it was my pleasure to be sponsoring this project and achieve a great success with your team at CyberMAK. CSM help us to manage and maintain our SLAs with customer and the, OLAs and ALAs between our internal teams thus help us to reduce the churn by and increase the FCR. It has given us a 360-degree view...
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The best of human creativity and flexibility in partnership with the power and depth of RPA and cognitive technology. Digital Workforce IMAGINE A WORKFORCE WITH UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM Digital Workforce Digital Workers are the synthesis of otherwise disconnected automation tools — each with incredible value to advance the augmentation of human efforts. As the first and only technology that weaves together RPA, AI, and machine learning to create virtual employees that are ready to deploy directly into the fabric of work,...
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