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Model all your asset dependencies in minutes  No matter what solutions you use, you need a single trusted source of information to proactively manage IT spend. See assets and dependencies in a single pane of glass, whether on premises or in the public or private cloud Empower security operations to perform essential prevention and detection Start mapping from any piece of information—multi-cloud, software, hardware, network, storage Reduce service outages with predictable change and configuration management
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Customer Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure to work with our partner CyberMAK. They have always supported us above and beyond their scope and have never let us down. It is also quite impressive how they carefully select their technology partners to bring the best value for their customers. We can always rely on CyberMAK to bring new innovations and ideas while maintaining their core obligations.“ Ashraf QunaibiDirector – ICT Architecture and business intelligenceOoredoo Kuwait “From our initial onboarding till date, CyberMAK...
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Agile Global Systems Integrator CyberMAK Information Systems establishes partnership with Snow Software

CyberMAK Information Systems today announced a new partnership with Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence solutions. This partnership will empower organizations to more efficiently and effectively manage their IT ecosystem by optimizing their enterprise software program expenses, potentially saving millions.  Through this strategic partnership, CyberMAK and Snow will equip organizations with the best solutions to automate, streamline and expedite the management of software assets. With complete visibility of all the on-premises and cloud software license usage, this partnership...
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As sure as there is software, there will be audits. With more than 70%* of organizations reporting one or more software vendor audit in the past year, you know the auditors will be at your door imminently, if they’re not there already. SO HOW DOES SOFTWARE ASSET MANAGEMENT HELP YOU OUTSMART THE LICENSE AUDITORS? Effective management of your software installs, usage, licenses and entitlements can not only improve your audit negotiation tactics but ensure continuous compliance. You need a single source of truth for your software estate, and complete...
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To accelerate the speed of Software Asset Management (SAM) adoption and minimize the disruption associated with implementing a new technology, Snow makes it easy to integrate the SAM platform with existing investments such as autodiscovery tools, IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions and Service Desks.  Snow Integration Connectors reduce both licensing and implementation costs by taking advantage of existing investments and avoiding technology duplication.
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Snow for SaaS

Forget talk of cloud challenges. Snow for SaaS consigns them to history. Unused accounts, duplicate users, unnecessary premium subscriptions – gone. In fact, Snow for SaaS will even find SaaS services you didn’t know you had, no matter who set them up. It gives you a holistic view across your hybrid infrastructure. Snow’s discovery, inventory and consumption tracking provides detailed insight into SaaS application usage and spend, alongside on-premises technologies. IT and financial leaders have reliable data at their fingertips...
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License Management and Optimization

With SAM, you have the power to make every asset pay its way, reducing risk and generating huge cost savings. Effective software license optimization starts with full discovery, so redundant software can be reclaimed and redeployed to other users. Dynamic software recognition replaces slow, error-prone processes to identify all commercially-licensable software on your network – straight out of the box. Multiple inventories are consolidated, so all your assets are in a single repository and complex rules such as upgrade and...
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