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Splunk® User Behavior Analytics

Securing against unknown threats through user and entity behavior analytics

User Behavior Analytics

Detect unknown threats and anomalous behavior using machine learning

  • Advanced Threat Detection – Discover abnormalities and unknown threats that traditional security tools miss
  • Higher Productivity – Automate stitching of hundreds of anomalies into a single threat to simplify a security analyst’s life
  • Accelerate Threat Hunting – Use deep investigative capabilities and powerful behavior baselines on any entity, anomaly or threat


Automatically find unknown threats using machine learning

Enhance Visibility and Detection

Automate threat detection using machine learning so you can spend more time hunting with higher fidelity behavior-based alerts for quick review and resolution.

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Accelerate Threat Hunting

Rapidly identify anomalous entities without human analysis. Rich set of anomaly types (65+) and threat classifications (25+) across users, accounts, devices and applications.

Automate Early Breach Detection

Augment SOC Resources

Automatically stitch hundreds of anomalies observed across multiple-entities—users, accounts, devices and applications—to a single threat for faster action.

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Better Together: Splunk ES and Splunk UBA

Organizations gain maximum value to detect and resolve threats and anomalies via the power of human and machine-driven solutions by combing Splunk® Enterprise Security and Splunk UBA.

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