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Snow Optimizer for SAP Software

With Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software, you can optimize and automate your SAP license management from a single integrated console

Snow Optimizer for SAP Software

SAP often represents an organization’s largest single IT cost. Considering this, paying for unused or unnecessarily expensive licenses is a luxury you simply can’t afford. Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software nips unintended overspend in the bud, starting with a consolidated view of detailed usage across the entire SAP estate. With the visibility to optimize and manage your SAP deployments, your administration team is able to manage contracts centrally, and take the lead when it comes to SAP license and contract negotiations.

Snow Optimizer makes the complex clear. It minimizes your exposure to financial and legal liabilities with automatic license administration, usage tracking, and automatic calculation of costs. Customers typically report a 20-30% saving on their SAP costs within weeks. Tame your software licensing with a powerful tool to shape your SAP licensing to your business needs.

The SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that this product can be technically deployed into SAP NetWeaver as an ABAP Add-On. With that, customers can benefit from improved interoperability and supportability of the certified solution with SAP NetWeaver.

The certification configuration meets the requirements for running this product on the SAP NetWeaver platform. The product functionality was not tested and is not certified by SAP.

The product functionality has been tested and certified by KPMG and The ITAM Review:
KPMG offers SAM Tool Providers an enhanced tool assessment regarding the capabilities to ensure software license compliance. The KPMG SAM Tool Assessment has been developed by KPMG in cooperation with major software brands. Upon successful passing of the SAM Tool Assessment KPMG confirms that the tested SAM Tool provides features and functionalities to support software license compliance. The SAM Tool Assessment is a standardized factual approach based on decisions made from the analysis of available data and information. It does not reflect the implementation and operational use of the SAM Tool in a real-time environment.

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