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Enterprise Chatbot Services

Our end to end project implementation services includes Conversational Bot Design, Development & Configuration to optimize your business outcomes with no disruptions.

Enterprise Chatbot Services

Every Enterprise is unique and complex, requiring a customized solution rather than an off-the-shelf “bot in a box”. Our range of professional services enables organizations to harness the true potential of conversational AI to deliver personalized “natural” user experiences across multiple channels and applications while ensuring low total cost of ownership and faster time to market.

We help you implement an enterprise-ready Conversational AI program from the ground up:

  • End-to-end support to ensure execution excellence – Our end-to-end services ensure the solution being developed continually aligns with the business objectives. We help you manage the project scope by identifying risks and costs associated with implementing the chatbot during each phase, from optimizing the functionality to providing post-implementation support as well as training employees for the transformation.
  • Complex use cases now made easy – Our team of AI and NLP experts have both depth and breadth of Industry experience in designing and implementing multiple complex Chabot projects across Enterprises. This ensures a successful implementation, irrespective of how complex the use cases are.
  • Achieve lower TCO – Our experts bring years of experience in chatbot implementations to ensure your chatbot project is delivered in the shortest possible time frame, yielding a shorter GTM and lower TCO.

Chatbot Services Crafted for Enterprise Needs

  • Consulting and Advisory Services – As part of our consulting and advisory services, we assist and guide our enterprise clients how to incorporate chatbots as part of an overall digital strategy, for example, defining and prioritizing use cases when automating customer experience initiatives. Our Business Analysts conduct Agile Story Workshops to define Business Use Cases. As part of the Design phase, our ML and NLP Analysts test and train the BOT for Conversational Excellence in multi-Applications across a variety of channels.
  • Development and Implementation Services – As part of the development and implementation services, we help you design architecture for conversational applications. Our team also helps you in the design and development of chatbots using Kore.ai Bots Platform, Bot deployment and roll out(s). We customize the Bot Kit and the Web SDK’s based on the customer requirements. We will help you integrate third-party applications/platforms/frameworks with the Kore.ai Bots Platform.
  • Managed Services – Our managed services include ongoing maintenance and enhancements, QA, analytics and dashboard-based reporting for management of the chatbot infrastructure. We also manage end-to-end, On-premise and Cloud migrations of the Kore.ai bots platform and solutions.
  • Training Services – Our training services have been designed to implement and extend the benefits of Kore.ai’s bot platform, our chatbot training curriculum offers classroom, self-paced, and online courses. This includes Business Training on chatbot use case identification, development, conversational design, usage and Technical Training on chatbot development, bot lifecycle management and many more. Training customers for ramping up their Chatbot development expertise on Kore Platform is an important component of our training efforts.
  • Support Services – As part of our support services, we resolve customer queries quickly, efficiently and cost effectively using our highly skilled support team. Our support team will identify your problem and come up with a solution promptly. We provide 24/7 support as per agreed SLAs with the client.

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