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Public Safety & Transportation

Powerful vision for those who respond with courage

Public Safety & Transportation

Safer travels, with consistent, best-in-class detection

Our intelligent traffic solutions deliver crisp clear imaging to monitor traffic activities in urban environments efficiently. Collect traffic data and automatically detect incidents on highways and tunnels regardless of sun glare, darkness, headlights, shadows, snow, and fog with unfiltered best-in-class thermal technology. Reliability at its best.

Save Precious Time & Lives with FLIR Unmanned Solutions

When time is of the essence and lives are on the line, an eye in the sky and bot on the ground can make all the difference. Our Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) reach the scene faster and safer, providing swift situational awareness that speeds decisions and action. That’s why law enforcement professionals, firefighting agencies, and search and rescue teams trust us as a leader in public safety technology reliability and performance.

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