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Professional Tools

Reduce warranty costs and maximize HVAC energy efficiency

Identify where faults lie in heating and cooling equipment quickly and effortlessly with infrared thermography. Energy studies show that 68% of residential HVAC systems are improperly charged, 70% have improper airflow, and 91% have not had a combustion efficiency check performed. We have designed one simple tool to help you resolve these.

Trouble can’t hide

Bad wiring and fuses tend to heat up as they fail, hiding from sight until the problem becomes “self-evident.” Fortunately, thermal imaging instantly make those hot spots clearly visible so you can troubleshoot electrical systems quickly, and make repairs immediately. Scan breaker panels, fuses, connections, and more with a thermal imager and get an instant picture of impending trouble.

Moisture Meters: An invaluable device for every professional’s toolbox

Attain correct diagnostic information to carry out restorative work quickly and efficiently with feature-rich affordable thermal moisture meters from FLIR. With pinless sensor or external pin probe, we’ve designed our meters to accurately measure moisture content below the surface as well as surface temperatures.


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