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Integrated Solutions for Multi-Domain Operations

Government & Defense

Integrated Solutions for Multi-Domain Operations

FLIR empowers militaries, first responders, and SAR teams with intelligent sensing and threat detection technology that expedites critical decisions and successful outcomes.

With integrated long-range thermal and visible solutions for air, land, and sea to radars, handheld soldier solutions, CBRNE detectors, and industry-leading UAS/UGV systems, our continuing mission is to enhance the freedom of movement and action that it takes to safely, efficiently, and effectively accomplish your mission.

Protect your force and lighten their load with FLIR unmanned systems

Winning wars today and in the future will depend on advanced human-machine collaboration. FLIR Unmanned Systems improve situational awareness and ease soldiers’ workloads, while reducing the number of warfighters in harm’s way.

Your mission demands exceptional vision

FLIR continues to redefine what’s possible with a complete, mission proven line of high definition EO/IR airborne sensor options. Unmatched, multi-spectral HD imaging solutions, with ITAR free options, and world-class service and support.

Secure your borders with intelligent end-to-end solutions from FLIR

Simultaneously track multiple threats with persistent 360 situational awareness from extreme ranges. Experience veracious visibility with thermal cameras, radars, and a host of other sensors in both stationary and mobile solutions. For the detection, assessment, and tracking of multiple targets, rely on FLIR.

Detection is half the battle

Expedite frontline decision making in high-pressured situations with FLIR’s CBRNE detection range. Detect, analyze, identify, and confirm the presence of dangerous threats with accuracy. With sensors yielding very low false alarm rates, you can trust your analysis and quickly facilitate response measures.

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