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Endpoint Privilege Management

Eliminate unnecessary privileges and elevate rights to Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux and network devices without hindering productivity.

Endpoint Privilege Management

Stop Attacks by Removing Excessive Privileges on Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, and Networked Devices

Privilege Management for Windows and Mac

Our experience implementing across over 50 million endpoints has helped create a deployment approach with rapid time to value. Available on-premise or in the cloud, we enable you to eliminate admin rights quickly and efficiently, without disrupting user productivity or driving up service desk tickets.

Privilege Management for Unix, Linux, and Networked Devices

Unix and Linux systems present high-value targets for external attackers and malicious insiders. The same holds true for networked devices, such as IoT, ICS and SCADA. Gaining root or other privileged credentials makes it easy for attackers to fly under the radar and access sensitive systems and data. Our Privilege Management for Unix & Linux is an enterprise-class, gold-standard privilege management solution that helps security and IT organizations achieve compliance, control privileged access, and prevent and contain breaches that can affect Unix and Linux systems – without hurting productivity.

Active Directory (AD) Bridge

AD Bridge centralizes authentication for Unix, Linux and Mac environments by extending Active Directory’s Kerberos authentication and single sign-on capabilities to these platforms. By extending Group Policy to non-Windows platforms, we provide centralized configuration management, reducing the risk and complexity of managing a heterogeneous environment.

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