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Mystery Shopping Application

To make a complete 360 degree, it is important to have a baseline for service levels to be measured against and continuously improve on service levels by keeping one’s workforce well trained and motivated resulting in service excellence, thereby leading to satisfied customers and increased revenues.

Following benefits are achieved by the customers within a year of implementation:

  • Annual Service Improvement
  • Established baselines
  • Transparency in reporting across different levels from Store managers to Senior management
  • Identifying Service gaps
  • Feeds into balance score cards thereby linking performance to incentives
  • Driver to strategic objectives
  • Internal Service Measurement
  • Evaluation Sheets submitted by Mystery Shoppers across geography to a centralized system
  • Configurable Criteria and Weights for evaluation sheets based on business needs
  • Advanced reporting

Competitor Service Measurement

Mystery Shopping Applications continuously measure services offered to the customer compared to services offered by competitors.

Voice of Customer – VOC

VOC is an external survey system specially designed to act on the feedback received from the customer. It captures, analyses and provides insights on the feedback provided by the customer.

Staff Surveys

This application is used to measure a department’s performance through rating various configurable factors. This survey is carried out at the end of every quarter by taking feedback from employees of the organization towards the effectiveness of the functional role of the department.

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