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Innovations Lab

CyberMAK’s Innovations Lab is a setup of all CyberMAK Solutions and Modules to enact your complex business scenarios. Empowering you with the ability to fasten pre-sales and sales process and eliminate the chances of POC/POB. It contains the latest versions of all our solutions released and is used for development, testing, simulation, integrations and planning for upgrades. Invest in a single tech that ties it all seamlessly together. 

CyberMAK’s Innovations Lab is designed for customers who would like to protect and extract maximum ROI out of their investment. It enables implementation and support along with providing you intel of the level of upgrades you require and the kind of support you need. Solutions are tried and tested on Innovations Lab first before proceeding on to the live environment.

The Innovations Lab is CyberMAK’s end to end roadmap of our solutions

  • One platform but many solutions seamlessly integrated with each other working cohesively to achieve your goals and objectives
  • Explore complementary solutions while addressing real pain points simulated in the Innovations Lab
  • Hassle free integration into your IT environment
  • Can be showcased Anytime & Anywhere
  • Always updated with latest versions of our solutions
  • One stop view of all our solutions enabling the customer to see their digital transformation journey in one place
  • Personalized to fit your needs and match your requirements, eliminating chances for POC/POB
  • Use cases, demos for specific adapters or integrations are also covered
  • Generate ad hoc reports in minutes, providing timely and relevant business insights
  • Reduce latency for sales and pre-sales

CyberMAK is the only organization who has successfully accomplished designing a platform that gives complete visibility of each and every solution on a single pane of glass, no matter what service you opt for. At CyberMAK we constantly strive to innovate, bringing technology and creativity together. We believe software solutions are the future of business. Innovations Lab is the result of our belief. A powerful tool that combines all our solutions under one roof.

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