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Customer Support Application

Realizing that the one pivotal factor to success is the customer itself has made CyberMAK negate the uncontrollable influences of the outside world which generally is the denominator for a customer’s reaction, by enabling proactive management of your customers through our Customer Support Application, thus bringing about the desired positive influences, loyalty and changes in your customer perceptions. This in turn brings about decreased churn, increased loyalty, heightens brand visibility and is conducive to the WOW factor.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Tailor-made for Customer Care and Service Quality Departments
  • Flexible Multi-channel Ticket Creation and Closure
  • Knowledgebase Module to increase FCR
  • Tight SLAs and KPIs
  • Hear the voice of the customer through powerful Surveys module
  • Embedded within your CRM
  • Issue Templates and Scripts to enhance the efficiency of Frontliners
  • Ticket based survey to rate customer satisfaction
  • Simple, quick interface for a customer’s digital or physical interactions
  • Real-time Management Dashboards and 50+ industry standard reports

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